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How do we raise funds?

How does the Ruth First Educational Trust raise funds?

  • For each Ruth First Scholar, the Trust pays: a monthly maintenance grant; a settling-in allowance; return travel between South Africa and Durham; visa fees.
  • Most of this money comes from donations made by current and former members of staff of the University, as well as by former students and by other supporters living in the Durham area.
  • St Chad’s College supports the Scholarship by providing subsidized accommodation.
  • The Trust also receives an annual grant and other support from Durham County Council.
  • The Trust stages a variety of events designed to generate funds for the scholarship and to raise awareness of development and educational issues in relation to southern Africa. Some of these events are organized in partnership with theĀ Durham Palestine Educational Trust.
  • The crucial element that makes the Ruth First scholarships possible is the ongoing commitment of Durham University to award a tuition fee scholarship, together with the cooperation of the Departments in which the Scholars study.

You can make donations onlineĀ via our Localgiving page.

Updated Sept 2022 Mike Thompson
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