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Ruth First Scholar Seminars

Ruth First Scholar Seminars

In partnership with St Aidan’s College, Durham University

Debra Sithole

18 June 2020

“Within Living Memory: Transitional Justice and the Politics of Memorialisation in Zimbabwe”

In an online presentation, the 2019-20 Ruth First Scholar talked about her research on demands for justice following the Gukurahundi massacres in post-independence Zimbabwe, focusing on narratives of memory and commemoration, especially in digital forms

Debra’s presentation

Publications by Debra on Researchgate

Faith Chipuriro

21 June 2019

“Transforming education and survival skills in rural Zimbabwe through mobile learning”

Achieving universal primary education is hampered by shortages of motivated, experienced, qualified teachers and educational resources. In this seminar the 2018-19 Ruth First Scholar shared her insights into the use of mobile technologies to support the development of primary education in rural Zimbabwe.

Paul Chiwaya

7 June 2018

“The Plight of Malawian Youth: Seeking Solutions”

73% of Malawi’s population is aged below 30. Young people represent rich assets with the potential to support Malawi’s socio-economic development. But a critical look at the status of young people in Malawi reveals their potential is not being realised. In this seminar the 2017-18 Ruth First Scholar identified challenges faced by young people in Malawi and proposed some solutions.

Chipo Sana

21 June 2017

“Social disorganisation and youth justice in Zimbabwe: the role of restorative justice”

On average five children are placed in a police lockup every day in Zimbabwe. Since January 2012, over 150 children have spent at least two days ina police lockup for being deemed uncontrollable or in need of care and protection. Over 40% of children in remand and correctional institutions are locked up for non-violent offences. In this seminar the 2016-17 Ruth First Scholar analysed the youth justice crisis in her country and emphasised the need to “lift up, not lock up, our children”.

Dave Namusanya and Pearson Nkhoma

11 June 2015

“Building resilient communities: Emerging forms of activism in Malawi”

The 2014-15 Ruth First Scholar, Dave Mankhokwe Namusanya, talked about “21st-Century activism: New and social media as tools for political activism in Malawi”. The 2011-12 Ruth First Scholar, Pearson Nkhoma, back in Durham to do a PhD, spoke about “Activism and policy change: The case of the new marriage law in Malawi”.

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